Townhall - Legislative Update

  • May 25, 2021
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The state of the Wisconsin Hospice and Palliative Care Association has taken a big step in utilizing a larger advocacy strategy that includes government affairs and advocacy professionals, but our long term success also relies on passionate grassroots advocates among our members.

WiHPCA's upcoming membership wide Townhall Meeting provides you with a tremendous opportunity to arm yourself with the tools and knowledge to be a strong advocate for your businesses, patients, and WiHPCA. The All-hands Meeting will allow you to stay updated on the latest WiHPCA news, discuss ideas with your peers, help association leadership address challenges, and make collective decisions to move WiHPCA forward and meet our major objectives.

In addition to general association updates and more specific regional breakouts, the May 25 Townhall Meeting will feature a Legislative Update from WiHPCA’s lobbying team at Hoven Consulting – Tim Hoven and Erik Kanter. Our lobbyists are committed to working with state lawmakers to promote programs and policies that improve hospice and palliative care in Wisconsin. Their Legislative Update will include the latest on their efforts in the State Capitol to educated legislators on issues facing the industry as well as their engagement with the Division of Quality Assurance at the Department of Health Services to establish a good relationship between regulators and WiHPCA members. 

Following the Legislative Update, Badger Bay Advocacy Director Michael Welsh will provide comments on the importance of grassroots advocacy and how WiHPCA member engagement in the legislative process can augment our direct lobbying efforts and help meet the association’s legislative goals.

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